Room for Improvement

Room For Improvement: Fantasizing about more interesting walls, new bathroom tile and just a little bit of green space

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Better bathrooms, more art, and how about a whole other apartment. Five New Yorkers share their home improvement fantasies!

  • New tile I hate the tile in my bathroom it’s ugly and pink and old. I rent from somebody my family knows, so my dad has communicated to my landlord that we’d help with the labor if they provide the materials. I think it may happen this summer. If it happens I’ll be happy to get new tile, but now I’ve got to help with the work.  -Ana, Bushwick
  • Livelier walls I’d love to have more things on the walls: built-in shelves to display some things I’ve collected, and definitely more art. I love large-scale photography. I’d love to have one piece so large it covers an entire wall! And of course gallery lighting as well! - Len, Inwood
  • Drain help At this point, all I want is for them fix the damn drain. I feel ickier coming out of the shower than I do before I get in. -Lisa, Bronx
  • A place for plants and parties I love everything about my space, I get lots of light even though my room is so small. But, I wish I could have a little outdoor herb garden outside my window, especially now that it’s summer. I miss my garden at my parent’s house. Having a little bit of green makes such a difference. While we’re at it, I’d really love a balcony for planting -- and parties! -Bethany, Morningside Heights
  • Another apartment The apartment beneath us is for sale. I wish I could buy it and make a duplex! I’d add a home office with a separate entrance and a laundry room and a room for watching movies. - Henrick, Upper West Side

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