No-Fee Apartment of the Week: $4,895 three-bedroom on Roosevelt Island

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This week we're making our first foray onto Roosevelt Island (and, fyi, contrary to what many an apartment listing says, Roosevelt Island is not the Upper East Side). Assuming you're okay with a Tramway or F-train commute, this $4,895 three-bedroom seems like a pretty good deal.

Pros: The building has a pool, gym, concierge, doorman and all the amenities you could ask for. All apartments are pre-wired with outlets for Cable TV and have room-to-room climate control and hardwood floors. The kitchen is modern, bright and inviting and there may also be a balcony, though the generic listing info is a little vague on this point.

Cons: Though well renovated, the apartment feels a bit cookie cutter. Also Roosevelt Island lacks the nightlife of other NYC areas, and some people may find it isolating. As mentioned above, the Tramway is a major method of transportation onto the island of Manhattan, so those afraid of heights should stay away.

No-Fee Rental of the Week showcases an apartment that’s currently on the market and is being offered with no broker fee (otherwise known as the holy grail of New York City rentals). For tips on how to find more no-fee apartments, check out the The 8 best websites for finding a no-fee apartment in NYC and our Guerrilla Guide series.


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