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The StreetEasy Hot Dozen: 12 rentals that may or may not be available by the time you read this

By Alex Hughes  | April 16, 2013 - 1:07PM

There are highs and lows in this week's Hot Dozen--the 12 rental apartments visitors clicked on most often over the past seven days. Among the lower-end apartments are single room occupancy studios in the $1,000 per month range, and on the high-end an over-$7,000-per-month three-bedroom on Central Park West.

A compact, lofted $1,500 studio (pictured) at 20th Street and Eighth Avenue (another hip and convenient neighborhood) is a single room occupancy unit in a townhouse. Again, utilities are included and pets are allowed (if you can find room for one), but note that this apartment features a communal bathroom, shared with two other tenants.

Also in the SRO category: This $1,300 single room occupancy studio on East 7th Street and Second Avenue. It has a private bath and southern exposure. All utilites are included and the East Village location is pretty darn desirable.

On the high end of the spectrum is a $7,495 three-bedroom at Central Park West and West 83rd Street. This nearly 2,000-square-foot "classic six" co-op has a working fireplace, a washer-dryer, an eat-in kitchen and a dining room. Note: the third bedroom is actually a "maid's/nanny's room," meaning it's small.

For more of the most popular listings of the week--from studios to three-bedrooms, elevators to walkups--check out the links below.

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57 East 7th Street and 2nd Avenue - $1,300

244 West 64th Street and West End Avenue - $1,450

310 West 20th Street and 8th Avenue - $1,500


64 West 82nd Street and Columbus Avenue - $2,000

450 West 42nd Street and 10th Avenue - $1,800

239 West 26th Street and 8th Avenue - $1,995


241 East 14th Street and 3rd Avenue - $2,850

22 Saint Mark's Place and 2nd Avenue - $2,200

102 West 73rd Street and Columbus Avenue - $3,000


220 East 22nd Street and 3rd Avenue - $5,250

239 Central Park West and West 83rd Street and $7,495

31 West 75th Street and Columbus Avenue - $4,990


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