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Need a new front door? Emerald Doors can guide you

By Leah Hochbaum Rosner  | April 3, 2013 - 12:14PM

Entry doors serve an important function. They keep the elements at bay, deter would-be burglars, and add or detract from the overall look and value of your home.

So when you need to replace one, it can be a surprisingly tough decision, says Peter Pastor, owner of Astoria-based Emerald Doors—the subject of this week’s Real. Est. List Spotlight Series.  

Established in 2010, Emerald Doors installs doors, window gates and locks of all types, but specializes in cellar doors and the doors most common in New York City apartment buildings: fire-rated doors (steel doors that are specially designed to contain fire).

Pastor says he decided to go into the business when he realized that many people were ripping clients off and speaking in terms they couldn't understand.

A onetime locksmith who learned about doors while fixing locks, Pastor was determined that his business would be different.

“We will deal with you with integrity,” he says, noting that he routinely emails back and forth with clients for the duration of a project to make sure they’re satisfied. “We live for referrals and repeat business.”

Note: The company also does custom fire-rated doors, meaning that if your co-op board insists that your new fire-rated door look exactly like your old, less safe one, Emerald can recreate the recessed panel look of pre-war doors in a matter of weeks.

But even if all you think you need is a simple slab of metal to keep out the cold, Pastor can help guide you to the right kind of metal. “I’ll listen to your needs and I charge pretty low prices,” he says. “I just want to make sure people are happy.”

How it works

Call Emerald Doors and explain exactly what it is that you need. “I’m very good at giving pricing over the phone,” says Pastor. “Otherwise, people get scared you’re going to come over to hard-sell them.”

Once Pastor knows what type of door you want, he sends someone over to take measurements and discuss your options.

Custom fire-rated doors start at $650 (for that pre-war look with a single recessed panel, it's $825). Cellar doors are $900 and up. Boiler room doors range from $800-$950. Prices vary depending on door size and material.

“Yes, it costs more than at Home Depot, but we do it right,” he says. “Home Depot will send one guy to measure the door and one guy to install it,” so they often run into problems with measurements that don’t match up.

“We’re soup to nuts,” says Pastor. “The same guy will come to measure and install,” ensuring a smoother process.

If a door is a stock size, it can be installed within a week. Custom jobs take a bit longer. The actual installation lasts just a couple of hours—slightly longer if a new door frame must also be installed. For an extra $100, Emerald will also paint the door for you.

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