Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: Yearning for quieter, adjustable heat, warmer windows and a place to store food

By Mayra David  | February 6, 2013 - 1:18PM

Sleeker kitchens, flatter outdoors, and, of course, more storage. Six New Yorkers share a few tweaks that would make their living space even more livable: 

  • Keep the outdoors outside: I live in a corner unit in a pre-war building with gorgeous casement windows. It's like having sieves for windows. I am constantly wiping down the glass table from all the soot that gets in. I need a space heater because my corner unit studio is so drafty. Soundproofing the windows would fix both those issues. Plus it would keep out noise. -Jen, Tudor City
  • Sleek-up the kitchen: I would change the kitchen. I'd like to update all of the cabinetry, put in state of the art appliances and Silestone counters. Then I'd like to tile the backsplash and floor. -Albert, Midtown East
  • Actually enjoy the great outdoors: While I'm one of the lucky New Yorkers to have a backyard, it is composed entirely of concrete. The ground is so uneven, it makes it difficult to arrange any kind of outdoor seating/table. I'd love to get a new slab down so I can make the most of the great outdoor space! -Stephanie, Astoria
  • Calmer heat and quiet radiators, at the same time: Heat that you can actually adjust yourself and that doesn't involve really loud radiators! -Brian, Kips Bay
  • A pantry: Everybody wants more closet space. I want a closet just for storing food. I have a standard-size fridge, but nowhere to keep foods I can keep and not have to go to the grocery every time. - Vlad, Jackson Heights
  • The Dream: Closet space would be nice. A place to put the linen. -Melissa, The Bronx

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