Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: A range hood, in-building laundry and an extra wall

By Mayra David  | February 20, 2013 - 1:10PM

From thin walls, to a total lack of walls and, of course, the poor laundry situation… six NYC denizens share what they want to change about their living situation (one may have already moved by the time you’re done reading this).

  • Laundry services without the schlep: While the space is great for my purposes as a graduate student for now, not having laundry in the building can be a drag. Bring on the washer/dryer! A way to regulate the heat would be amazing, too.-Sarah, Morningside Heights
  • A little bit of padding: Better insulation all around. It would help regulate the temperatures year round. In the winter we’re having to heat like crazy; in the summer it quickly get so hot. But also for sound! We can hear people next door even when they are just talking! So they can hear us, too. It would be nice for privacy. -Martin, Bay Ridge Brooklyn
  • Kitchen and washing upgrades: A range hood for the kitchen! Also, a washer-dryer combo machine -- it would free up a lot of space, and probably use less water and energy than the ancient set up now. - Alex, Jackson Heights, Queens
  • An apartment with no upstairs neighbor: The space and the location are incredible, but having an ever-looming (and constantly creaking) upstairs neighbor is too much to bear. It’s like we have a herd of cattle upstairs. We’re moving out after only a year. Even though we had to saddle up another brokers fee and pack up our life again, we're happy to move to a place with nobody upstairs. - Brad, Brooklyn Heights
  • Wanting to be walled in: I wish they’d allow us to put up a wall in our studio, even just a partial one. It would be big enough to make a decent one bedroom, which would be nice now that there’s two of us in here now. - Julie, Upper West Side
  • Renovation envy: I wish I could copy my neighbor’s renovation. We live in the same line and in her entry area she was able to create more storage by simply losing one of the entrances to her kitchen and building a gigantic closet. She also ‘shortened’ the long walk to her bedroom by breaking through the living room wall - the unused portion of the hall is now practically a walk in closet. I never even knew that was possible to do. - Marie, Harlem

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