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By The List  | January 3, 2013 - 12:36PM

There is something to be said for the New York minute. It is, after all, a one-word commentary on the simple fact that when New Yorkers decide they want or need something, you better believe that they take immediate action.

That is among the very reasons why we love The Real.Est.List, Brick Underground’s growing resource directory that collects updated information on hundreds of business professionals who are ready to jump at our every whim. Whether your plan is to get out of dodge quickly or prepare a new room for aging parents or a new arrival, The Real.Est.List has got your specific needs in mind with ready solutions and easy-to-access information.        

Today, The List would like to welcome two featured members:

Dumbo Moving and Storage (718-222-8282, Ranked among the city’s most highly rated moving firms, Dumbo Moving and Storage is employee-owned and operated and offers unprecedented and affordable service throughout the tri-state area.

With fast online quotes and flat rates (no hidden fees or costs), they’ll come to your home or office with a smile and all the necessary supplies. And with a new 40,000-unit storage facility, there is no need to worry about those items that just won’t work in your new space.

Visit the website to browse through the many satisfied testimonials, as well as the tips and videos that offer solutions to pesky moving issues like how to properly contain liquids or pack priceless china and framed art.

Get It Done Now (347-357-2259, Let’s face it, we all love Ikea for easy and affordable storage solutions or inexpensive kids’ furnishings, but nobody—even your DIY friends—can stand the hours it takes trying to decipher those assembly instructions.

Enter Get It Done Now, a team of contractors-for-hire who assemble ready-made furnishings, repair or install custom-made pieces, or do simple home remodeling projects, such as adding built-in bookshelves or resurfacing floors.

Representatives are often available in your neighborhood and access to technicians and quotes is available 24/7, so you can get that new office space ready before tax season gets too hectic.

For home help at home, check out The Real.Est. List, the ultimate real estate guide and resource directory for all those who buy, rent, sell or dwell in NYC. 

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