Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: Dog-less neighbors, windows that don't fight back, and a better elevator

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | January 30, 2013 - 2:14PM

Squeaky floors, too-much heat and neighborly nuisances... these are just a few things these seven New Yorkers would change about their living situations, including:

  • A dog-less neighbor: I'd love to live next to neighbors without a dog because we can hear the dog barking every time someone buzzes our door and every time we go in or out of the apartment.-Elana, Park Slope
  • A bigger, cooler place and somewhere to store my utensils: My only complaints are the small size and the insane amount of heat pumped in! And randomly I have no drawers in my kitchen, which is kind of weird for storing utensils.-Julie, UES
  • The NYC apartment holy grail -- a washer/dryer: With two kids aboard, my wife and I could use a washer and dryer on premises. I know many New Yorkers don't have them, but in our part of the Bronx it is rare and quite annoying. Here's to a 2013 that includes using Tide and Bounty at home! -Jeremiah, Riverdale
  • Quieter floors, easily maneuverable windows and less fog: I would like to have floors that don't squeak so that every time we walk by my daughter's room we wouldn't have to fear that she will wake up; windows that actually open without breaking my back, and a vent for my dryer so the whole apartment doesn't fog up when I run the dryer ... even though I am thankful to have a dryer in the first place.-Sharone, Prospect Heights
  • An elevator that's easier to board: I wish our elevator was one where you walk right in instead of having to open a swinging door. It's so annoying to maneuver a big stroller in while holding the door open. -Rebecca, UWS
  • A sleeping nook for visitors: I want to carve a sleeping nook into the living room. We get so many guests from abroad and that means a ton of luggage and shopping bags. So although a home office would be more logical in most cases, to me it's not as attractive as having a space to stash (our very lovely) guests and their mess! -Mayra, Harlem
  • A top floor apartment and a top-of-the-line oven: I'd love to have a top floor apartment so I don't have to listen to my neighbors stomping all day and dropping bowl balls at 2:30 a.m. any more.  I'd love to have a real stove instead of the "super's bargain basement special," so whatever I make in the oven comes out evenly cooked for once. -Lana, Astoria

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