No-Fee Apartment of the Week: $2,500 studio in the Financial District

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | December 21, 2012 - 12:44PM

This studio at 99 John Street is in a full-service condo building.

Pros: At over 600 square feet, this studio is a good size, and the fact that it's a condo means it comes with amenities not usually seen in rentals (plus the owner might actually take care of repairs swiftly). There's a fitness center, roof deck and laundry in the building. Also, the apartment has a seperate kitchen (and not a kitchen wall).

Cons:  The price is a bit high for  one room, plus some people might not like the feel of the neighborhood -- very busy during the week and quiet on the weekends. Also, since it's a condo, you could be out of luck if the owner decides to sell at some point.

No-Fee Apartment of the Week showcases an apartment that’s currently on the market and is being offered with no broker fee (otherwise known as the holy grail of New York City rentals). For tips on how to find more no-fee apartments, check out the The 8 best websites for finding a no-fee apartment in NYC and our Guerrilla Guide series.




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