As we’ve noted before, apartment insurance is not just for burglaries and fires. It also covers you for a litany of mishaps and careless mistakes, ranging from aggressive behavior of your bad-tempered border terrier to flat-screen-frying power surges.

Got tiny humans living in your NYC abode? The presence of tykes multipies the number of unfortunate and potentially expensive (and occasionally explosive!) mishaps. 

According to Jeff Schneider, president of apartment insurance broker Gotham Brokerage, here just a few reasons parents will glad they've planned for the unplannable:

  1. Water balloons tossed from the 31st floor are fun until someone crashes a car.
  2. Your 7-year-old misunderstands the paper mache volcano project, and lights the curtains on fire.
  3. Blissfully scootering down the sidewalk, little Anastasia triggers a human pile-up—and you get sued for medical expenses.
  4. Your daughter’s playdate tries on your (retail priced!) Jimmy Choos—and breaks her leg, along with the sitter’s iPad, and takes the last of the unburned curtains down with her…
  5. ...leading the babysitter to walk off the job—in said Jimmy Choos.
  6. Bathtime for your toddler is so much fun that the better part of the water ends up on the floor and, eventually, in the neighbor's apartment.
  7. The Easy Bake oven isn't working, so your precious pastry chefs finish up their Red Velvet cupcakes in your oven. Unfortunately, they neglect to remove said cupcakes from the Easy Bake itself, which is now melted all over the interior of your $5,000 Viking. 
  8. Apple juice on the floor of your marble lobby does not a non-slip surface make, as Pete the concussed doorman explains while the paramedics strap him to a stretcher.
  9. You flush your son’s expired goldfish, Sushi, down the toilet. Your son then proceeds to flush the entire contents of the tank (pebbles, mermaid castle and all) so Sushi can properly enjoy the afterlife.  After a flood defaces the downstairs’ neighbors’ newly renovated apartment, you may find yourself swimming with the fishes sooner than you think.
  10. The "adorable" mystery mutt your kids picked out at the pound turns out to be related to Cujo—and the Fresh Direct guy needs 9 stitches in his leg.  Oops.



Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc., an insurance brokerage, has been serving NYC renters, co-op and condo owners for over 45 years. For a free quote, click on over to Gotham Brokerage or give them a call at 212-406-7300.

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