Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: Wishing for a quieter apartment, a bathroom that doesn't rain and more

By Sarah Karron  | January 9, 2013 - 2:19PM

Fed up with that one thing about your apartment that’s driving you nuts… or two… or three? You’re not alone! Commiserate with these five New Yorkers, who shared with us the one thing they'd change about their abode if they could:      

  • You’re hot and you’re cold: “I wish my apartment had central AC/heat. I have one of those hotel-style heaters/air conditioners that only has two settings so you can never get the temperature just right.” –Claire, Gramercy
  • Climbing to the commode: “I wish I could change the fact that my apartment only has one bathroom. This normally is not an issue since I only have one roommate, but my bedroom is in the basement and the bathroom is on the first floor. During the night, I hate having to go upstairs to use the bathroom or get water, especially when hung over.” – Solara, Union Square·    
  • Without great power…: “I would love it if our building would let us bring up more power from the is very expensive, but many nicer co-ops allow it.  This vintage building does not.  This makes it hard to properly air condition the apartment.” –Joyce, Upper West Side
  • Living in the rain: “There was an overflowing toilet in the bathroom above us that caused a bit of a downpour in our bathroom. To say it was drizzling would be accurate.This happened on a Friday night but our management company was not reachable until Monday. The super stopped the leak, but we had all of this toilet water in our walls, which began peeling. My lease is up at the end of the month. And they’re not even giving me the option to renew.” –Jo, Upper East Side
  • Blaring buses: “If I could change one thing about my apartment it would be that my window is right above the cross town bus. I hear it all the time because I like to keep my window open and at night. It gets very loud.” –Juliette, Upper East Side


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