Real Estate Want: A dream townhouse with magic sidewalks

By Julie Inzanti  | October 18, 2012 - 3:19PM

This $75,000/mo renovated townhouse at 6 West 9th Street has the typical jaw-dropping list of upgrades that most New Yorkers can only dream of having. 

Aside from the biggest perk of all -- 9,000-square-feet in a space-starved city -- this West Village dream home also has steam showers with cedar benches, silent and luxuriant thermal mass heating with radiant solid granite floors, FOUR outdoor spaces with a patio infrared barbecue kitchen and a dumb waiter! 

But it wasn’t the on-demand heated towel racks or silent triple-pane windows that made us green with envy… The one aspect that lingered inside our heads was actually outside on the Anti-ice Radiant Heated Sidewalk with Auto Snow Sensor… WHAT?

You might not need to nurse an inclement-weather-induced twisted ankle in the Japanese hot air-jet baths or sit by one of the six “Dancing flame” gas fireplaces to relax after hours of snow-removal…because the magic sidewalk shovels for you! 

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