Board life, after the interview

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We've already coached you on how to pass your co-op board interview, but there's more to interacting with the board than getting past the interview stage. For this week's SurvivalList roundup, we'll focus on life beyond the very beginning, and how best to live with a board.

Those who live with a co-op board probably have questions about how much power that board has—like whether a double-digit maintenance increase is legal or, on the flip side, the board might offer you a break on maintenance in case of divorce—and we've got answers.

You may also want to know how to get your board to do certain things for you, say, approve your refinancing or pre-approve a washer-dryer.

Through the years we've also covered some difficult cases, like the true story of a corrupt condo board, and have offered our readers advice on curing a dysfunctional co-op (even, in the worst case scenario, ways to use an investigative lawyer in a co-op or condo).

And if you're thinking about switching over to the other side and joining the co-op or condo board, you may want to peruse posts from one of our expert sponsors, like "The 7 biggest surprises for rookie board members," "How to run for the board and win" and "5 secrets of successful boards."

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