Making your move (at least a little) less hellish

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | August 15, 2012 - 2:15PM

They say moving can be one of the biggest stresses of a person's life. We agree. So this week's SurvivalList is designed to make your move a little bit less daunting.

Whether you're moving down the hall, to a new neighborhood, or even out of the city altogether, we've got you covered.

Chances are you'll be using some sort of moving company (we hope!), but before you sign any contract we recommend reading our guide to the most common moving scams and the best ways to avoid them. (Also, in case you were wondering, 15-20 percent is the right amount to tip a mover who doesn't scam you.)

To make everything more organized, and less stressful, you may want to use Unpakt, an online service that helps you plan your move and compare prices.

If you're feeling particularly brave (or broke) and plan to move yourself, our former Rental Rookie has some U-Haul tips (hint: smaller is better).

If you're moving post-bed bugs, our Bedbugged! columnist can advise you both on how to move and how NOT to move . If you've been bed bug free and just want to bed-bug proof your move, you'll likely rejoice at the way some moving companies are protecting against the critters.

For general pre-moving day tips, we've got five tips from our serial renter as well as our Rental Rookie's moving day lessons

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