Nadoban Painting & Contracting: "Nothing makes me happier than making an old, beat-up wall perfectly plumb and smooth"

By Tracy Kaler  | July 10, 2012 - 10:10AM

Today BrickUnderground kicks off our Spotlight column. Each week, we’ll take a look at a local business from our very own Real.Est. List and pass along some inside tips.

Nadoban Painting & Contractingbased in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, is an expert in high-end plasterwork and renovation and works with clients throughout New York City and metropolitan New Jersey. 

Known for honest bidding, high-quality craftsmanship and open communication, the 11-year-old company also occasionally rescues plaster and renovation projects in distress.

“Essentially, some contractors mislead their clients, have poor relationships with them, or butcher their apartments, often leaving the clients with no other option than to fire the contractor and hire a new one," says Erik Nadoban. 

Erik Nadoban’s renovation tips:

  1. Work with an architect or a designer when you commit to a renovation plan. When people realize their dream project does not meet their budget, it's important to be able to come up with creative solutions that will allow their project to work within the budget they need. An experienced designer or architect can do this.
  2. Have potential contractors walk you through their past jobs. Look for the details. Are the corners sharp? Are the doors and trim smooth? Look at the painting. If they don’t skimp at the end, then more than likely it indicates quality work through the whole process. 
  3. Be sure to talk to their clients before you hire any contractor. Were they easy to work with? Did they stay on schedule? Would you hire them again? Ask questions now and you’ll be happy later.

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