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Tips on financing the biggest purchase of your life, NYC-style

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | July 18, 2012 - 10:58AM

Financing is not the sexiest part of the real estate game, but for many buyers, it's the most important.

So for this week's SurvivalList roundup, we turn our attention to BrickUnderground's mortgage-centric posts, starting with the importance of putting a mortgage contingency clause in your contract and the 411 on automatic mortgage payments (spoiler alert: most experts say to avoid them).

We also offer some tips for refinancing your mortgage -- like how to get your co-op board to approve your refinancing and how to avoid "refi shame."

Of course, before you can get secure one, you'll need a successful appraisal, and we help with that, too --- with tips on how to make (and break) an appraisal and an exploration into the mind of an appraiser. We think "How not to get scr*w*d by an appraiser" should help too.

For these, and more financing-focused posts, read below.

How to get/live with a mortgage:

To get a mortgage, first prove you don't need one 

Yes, you are still nuts to buy without a mortgage contingency 

To debit or not to debit? The 411 on automatic mortgage payments 

NYC Real(i)ty Speak: MORTgage means death in Latin

4 reasons why your apartment may no longer be mortgage-worthy 

Appraisal info:

How to make or break your appraisal 

Q & A with my appraiser: "Cleanliness has no impact on value" 

How to not get scr*w*d by an appraiser

Refinancing rules:

Ask an Expert: How to get your co-op board to approve your refi 

Refi shame 


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