UWS renters get $2m after being sexually harassed by super; and then there's the one about the dog

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | May 9, 2012 - 10:28AM

There are good supers, bad supers, and really, really bad supers. We're pretty sure that sexual deviants and bestialists fall into that latter category.

The New York Times reports that six female residents of an Upper West Side building have received a $2 million settlement over a super who sexually harrassed tenants and pressured them into sex in exchange for lower rent. 

The residents filed the suit against the building's super, William Barnason, and its landlord, Stanley Katz, who they say hired Barnason despite knowing that he was a registered sex offender, and supported him for years as one of his most "prized" employees.

Yesterday's NY Post brought  another not-so-super-super story, in which a Westchester super was arraigned on charges of burglary and sexual misconduct involving a Labrador retriever. Prosecutors say the bestiality incident was captured on cameras set up by the apartment's resident, who suspected there had been break-ins.

These guys make your not-so-proactive super seem pretty great, huh?  They also underscore why it's so important to ask the neighbors what they think of the super before buying or renting. 


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