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StreetEasy's Most Wanted: The lofted life (for under and way over $1 million)

By Kyle Kouri  | March 1, 2012 - 3:21PM

If you’re ready to look at spacious apartments with loft space, this week is for you (with options on the lower and higher-end). 

This week's Most Wanted—the ten apartments StreetEasy browsers saved more frequently than any others this week—is all about 2-bedroom condos and co-ops with loft space and great laundry accommodations.

A $675,000 two-bedroom co-op on Atlantic Avenue overcomes its parquet floors with tons of loft space and flexibility. "The real beauty is that it can be a blank canvas ready for your lifestyle to dictate its use,” says the listing. Consider it for that as well as its close proximity to places like Trader Joe’s. It’s in a renovated factory, though, so be wary of what the exterior may look like.

On the (much) pricier end, a $2.75 million two-bedroom loft penthouse on West 20th Street is available. The listing describes this place as “paradise.” With 2,000 square feet inside, a double-height living room, floating staircase, and a 600 square foot private roof deck, they could be right. 

Not looking for a loft? This $869,000 two-bedroom co-op on 76th Street and Broadway offers great light, views of the Southern and Western cityscape, and laundry on every floor. If the idea of never having to schlep down to the laundry room or basement again appeals to you, the Open House is on March 4th.

For further help, visit BrickUnderground’s Agent Referral Service, a free matchmaking tool that will set you up with a guide to help you find the right place. And for a full list of the week's 10 most wanted, see below:

1. 175 W 12th Street- 2 bed condo, $1.195m

2.  55 Great Jones Street- 2 bed co-op, $2.185m

3. 116 W 14th Street- 3 bed condo, $1.695m

4. 121 W 20th Street- 2 bed condo, $2.75m

5. 423 Atlantic Avenue- 2 bed co-op, $675k

6. 63 Downing Street- 2 bed condo, $1.395m

7. 71 Barrow Street- 2 bed co-op, $1.25m

8. 327 E 82nd Street- 3 bed condo, 1.6m

9.  2166 Broadway- 2 bed co-op, 869k

10. 41 Garfield Place- 4 bed townhouse, 1.3m


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