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From Koreatown to West 57th Street: The coffee is cheaper, and the living is easier

By Samantha Lambert  | March 26, 2012 - 2:26PM

I am a born and raised New Yorker--I grew up in Brooklyn--and I recently moved from Koreatown (34th Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway) to Columbus Circle/Hell's Kitchen (West 57th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues).

I'm now experiencing a very different neighborhood. My new one is much less congested with more of a "neighborhood feel."

However, the biggest adjustment has been getting to know new neighbors and vendors (who aren't so friendly) and building relationships all over again.

There are certain things I miss about my old neighborhood. I miss walking to work, the Halal stand being open at all times of the night, and living next door and across the street from H&M, Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret. 

Additionally, because I lived on 34th Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, both the East and West sides of Manhattan were much more accessible than where I live now.

And, while I have nearly all the subway lines close by in my new apartment, nothing is easier than walking four blocks to work and being right in the middle of the East and West sides.

There is one really good thing about my new neighborhood, though. Things cost a bit less. For example, a large coffee from a coffee cart cost $2 in Herald Square and where I live now it's $1.50. It's the little things! 

Also, my new area is not as touristy as Herald Square and it's more of a family neighborhood.

It's also 100 percent easier doing the simple things like grocery shopping, dropping off dry cleaning, going to the movies and meeting up with friends.  I live across the street from a Whole Foods and there are three delivery (and pick-up) dry cleaning services on my street alone, not to mention a liquor store, many bars and restaurants as well as a movie theater.

I don't live on a congested street anymore, so I can have a cab drop me off directly in front of my building now.

It's also easier for me to meet up with friends as they all live further uptown and I'm closer to them now.

There are also some new restaurants that I've come to love, including Circo on West 55th Street and Burrito Box on Ninth Avenue.

And, true to my shopping habits, I love that there's a TJ Maxx on 57th Street. It's right around the corner from me! 



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