StreetEasy's Most Wanted: Buyers heart lofty living rooms

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Expansive, airy living rooms make the apartments listed in this week's Most Saved StreetEasy roundup particularly enticing. (Those, and the professional-grade photos of those expansive, airy living rooms.)

The main room in this $1.995 million West Village 1-bedroom (pictured to the left) could double as a roller-skating rink with the furniture pushed aside. It boasts 10-foot ceilings, few built-in obstacles and a wall of windows that seems to stretch the room even more.

Also wide and roomy is the living room/dining area in this 2-bedroom Tribeca condo for $2.3 million. A series of windows wrap the loft-like setup, giving the unobstructed space a blast of sunshine.

Check out the other listings and the impressive photos that accompany them. For an agent's assistance, visit BrickUnderground's free Agent Referral Service.

  1. 175 West 12th Street — 2-bed condo, $1.195m
  2. 200 West 79th Street — 2-bed co-op, $1.249m
  3. 112 West 18th Street — 2-bed condo, $1.925m
  4. 133 East 15th Street — 1-bed co-op, $699k
  5. 175 West 12th Street — 1-bed condo, $850k
  6. 66 Leonard Street — 2-bed condo, $2.3m
  7. 32 Morton Street — 1-bed co-op, $1.995m
  8. 340 East 80th Street — 2-bed co-op, $876k
  9. 55 Great Jones Street — 2-bed co-op, $2.185m
  10. 60 East 96th Street — 3-bed co-op, $1.785m

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