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StreetEasy's Most Wanted: Pay in cash, or don't

By Emily Feldman  | February 16, 2012 - 9:40AM

The "all-cash-buyer" requirement aside, this 1-bedroom Park Slope condo (not pictured) looks like quite a deal. Its $299,000 price tag is probably what drove it into the week's Most-Saved Sales on That, and the exposed brick, washer and dryer, central air, and solid location on President Street between 4th and 5th Avenues.

If you're more comfortable dealing in trackable monetary transactions, consider this $595,000 2-bedroom condo in Fort Greene (with "sweeping park & skyline views and idyllic private outdoor spaces") or, for quite a bit more, this $2.2 million grand 3-bedroom co-op (pictured, left) on the Upper East Side. Key phrases in this listing include: "Parisan-feeling," "double landing," "gracious gallery," "juliet balcony," "fireplace and bathroom en suite," and "butler's pantry." 

For a look at the other most-frequently saved listings over the last seven days, consult the full roundup below. And for extra help, visit BrickUnderground's free Agent Referral Service to find a real-estate guide.

  1. 111 West 11th Street — 2-bed co-op, $997.5k
  2. 863 Park Avenue — 3-bed co-op, $2.2m
  3. 593 President Street — 1-bed condo, $299k
  4. 250 East 87th Street — 3-bed co-op, $1.05m
  5. 314 West 94th Street — 3-bed condo, $1.095m
  6. 295 Third Avenue — 1-bed condo, $599k
  7. 33 North Elliot Place — 2-bed condo, $595k
  8. 101 West 23rd Street — 1-bed condop, $315k
  9. 315 West End Avenue — 3-bed co-op, $1.65m
  10. 63 East 9th Street — 3-bed condop, $1.895m

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