StreetEasy's Most Wanted: Get yer sponsor co-ops here
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StreetEasy's Most Wanted: Get yer sponsor co-ops here

By Emily Feldman  | February 9, 2012 - 12:17PM

If the thought of pitching yourself and your family to a panel of would-be neighbors fuels your desire to ditch the co-op market, consider a unit that doesn't require board approval.

This week's Most Wanted—the ten apartments StreetEasy browsers saved more frequently than any others—includes two co-ops that don't require board approval, in addition to several condos.

A $1.45 million 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom co-op on East 83rd Street near Madison is being offered by the sponsor, who is fully renovating it at the moment, and it will be move-in ready once it's done.

A $995,000 2-bedroom co-op on East 76th Street requires a bit more work. "With some TLC," the listing notes, the apartment "will become a cherished home." In the meantime, take it for what it is: a 2-bedroom for under $1 million that won't force you to try to convince strangers that you're actually someone they'd want to live next to for what could be a really long time.

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  1. 65 East 76th Street — 2-bed co-op, $995k
  2. 322 West 72nd Street — 2-bed co-op, $995k
  3. 160 West 85th Street — 1-bed condo, $399k
  4. 99 East 4th Street — 2-bed condop, $859k
  5. 16 West 85th Street — 2-bed condo, $1.79m
  6. 46 West 83rd Street — 1-bed co-op, $600k
  7. 771 West End Avenue — 2-bed co-op, $1.249m
  8. 780 West End Avenue — 2-bed condo, $1.095m
  9. 25 East 83rd Street — 2-bed co-op, $1.45m
  10. 110 West 25th Street — 3-bed condo, $3.125m

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