Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: Open spaces, another bathroom and a new downstairs neighbor

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We asked seven New York City-dwellers what they think their apartments are missing, and what they would change if they could. More open space and more space period were on the list ... of course.
  • Time changes things and when I bought my two-bedroom apartment I was fine with the smaller spaces, now I want big and open and modern. I would tear down walls in my apartment and make everything open and modern and bright. -- Roberta, Upper East Side
  • In my off-Broadway one-woman show (The Judy Show) I told the audience all about what I want to change about my apartment:  I want another bathroom! I have two sons and one bathroom—not a good combination. Plus, I'm 6'3” and I don't fit in my bathtub and even if I did, I couldn't  relax in it. -- Judy Gold, Upper West Side
  • I want a new neighbor downstairs. I have one now who complains non-stop when my kids run around the way normal kids do. --  Miriam, Harlem
  • I would like proper windows in my bedroom. Every winter I have to cover my bedroom windows floor-to-ceiling with heavy plastic (which billow like sails from the wind blowing in the cracks). If I don't do that, the temperature drops too low to use the room at all—lowest recorded temperature in my room was 48 degrees. I have to sleep with lots of covers and sometimes even a hat.  -- Barbara, Upper West Side
  • I want those great windows that open up and tilt so that I can finally wash my windows! -- Sharon, Upper West Side
  • I wish my apartment were bigger. When I was first looking at it, I told that to the landlord. His response was priceless: ”When it's painted it will be bigger.” He was wrong. -- Patti, Chelsea
  • I want higher ceilings. I love ceiling fans and would like to have some in my apartment without having to worry about decapitating friends and relatives who visit. -- Elysa, Upper East Side

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