Getting a good night's sleep is a fantastic reason to soundproof your windows, but it's not the only one. Far from it, according to the folks at top window soundproofer Cityproof.

Here are 10 more reasons to call in the soundproofing experts, pronto.

  1. Your husband is threatening to move the family to the suburbs for some peace and quiet.
  2. In an odd twist of fate, you'll no longer have to consider moving, but you will have increased the value of your apartment.
  3. You live on Second Avenue: One day you'll have a subway, but for now all you have is construction noise.
  4. 311 answers your calls with, "...and what is your noise complaint today, Mr. Sutton?"
  5. The sax player across the airshaft is definitely a player (as you found out last New Year's Eve), but he misses every fifth note. 
  6. You love grabbing a drink at the hip new bar a few doors down from your building, but when you come back to your apartment you'd rather not hear the exiting revelry of everyone who decided to stay later than you.
  7. The garbage trucks wake you before your alarm clock.
  8. You can pretend to be in your 30th floor windowless cubicle instead of your 3rd floor walkup when you speak to your boss on his vacation.
  9. The baby can actually nap long enough for you to take a shower. 
  10. And better yet, you can put the crib by the window again and not have to worry about dirt or draft.

Cityproof  is New York City’s premiere window soundproofer.   To solve your noise problem, visit or call 718-786-1600.


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