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Can babies and walk-ups ever really get along?

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | January 6, 2012 - 10:45AM

Sure, walk-ups and babies are not exactly a match made in heaven (especially given how heavy and clumsy some of the new $700-plus strollers can be). 

Over on UrbanBaby, moms and moms-to-be say that it's not easy but is doable, up to the second or third floor, especially if you can leave the stroller downstairs (which some buildings do allow). 


1. In a walk-up building, you're likely to get a bigger apartment for less money, and more space is always a good thing with kids (who come with a lot of stuff!).

2. The workout is great for losing that dreaded baby weight.


1. You're destined to carry the baby, the diaper bag, and everything else associated with the baby up and down several times a day. You may feel exhausted before you even leave the house (as if you don't already), and even more tired after a long day with baby.

2. If you have to take a baby out of the stroller to go up the stairs, you're likely to interrupt some ever-valuable naps.

Tips for making it work:

  • Ask the building management before you move in, or before you give birth (or both!), what their policy is about leaving strollers downstairs. 
  • Buy as lightweight and easily fold-able stroller as you can — Maclarens and City Minis are better options than the heavier Bugaboo or UPPABaby varieties.
  • Buy a sling — and use it. There are tons of options (it's not just the Baby Bjorn anymore), and those will make carrying your baby up the stairs much easier.
  • Consider shopping on FreshDirect and sending your laundry out. 'Cause even the idea of carrying a baby up a flight of stairs while balancing your laundry or groceries is just too much to bear. 

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