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Best of NYC Renovation Chronicles 2011: A cheat sheet

By Yoel Borgenicht  | December 21, 2011 - 1:51PM

The holidays are a good time to think about renovating your home: You’re likely to have a bit more time on your hands to plan and if you are fortunate, you may even have a holiday bonus to spend on a dream project.

Below is a select list of this year’s NYC Renovation Chronicles, which offer everything you will need to make your 2012 renovation a smooth one:

7 tips for finding a great contractor
This column explores how to take the first step in your renovation -- finding a good, reliable person to do the work for you. It’s not easy as it sounds!

5 contractors to avoid
Because knowing whom not to hire is as important as knowing whom to hire.

6 essentials of a good estimate
Before you sign anything, make sure you know how much it’s really going to cost.

6 ways to keep the neighbors happy while you renovate
No matter how great your contractor is, unhappy neighbors can turn your dream project into a nightmare. 

Work permits--5 jobs that require them, 5 that don't
Find out if the project you have in mind requires a Department of Buildings permit (you may be surprised!).

6 steps to getting a work permit
Once you’ve determined that you need a permit, how on Earth do you get one?

5 things to do when your contractor slacks off
We hope you never have to face this problem, but if your contractor’s performance is starting to worry you, this is what you need to do -- NOW!


Yoel Borgenicht is the president of King Rose Construction, specializing in residential and commercial renovations in the New York City metro area.  

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