BrickUnderground Agent Referral Service: Not just for renters anymore

By Teri Karush Rogers | November 1, 2011 - 7:15AM 

BrickUnderground is extremely pleased to announce the relaunch and expansion of our Agent Referral Service, designed to take the Russian Roulette out of finding a good New York City real estate agent.

The basic premise remains the same: Rather than find an agent by clicking on a random apartment ad or walking into the nearest brokerage, you can ask to be matched with one from our small, curated network of Manhattan and Brooklyn agents.  

Clients (you) benefit from an extra layer of accountability and great service enhanced by the prospect of more referrals, but pay nothing beyond fees normally involved in working with a broker to rent or sell an apartment. BrickUnderground collects a referral fee from our agents when and only when a transaction successfully closes.

A win-win-win triangle of aligned motives, our referral service is a first step toward creating widespread positive change in a service industry that so many New Yorkers love to hate.   And don't forget to check out our new insider's guides to buying, selling and renting a New York City apartment. 

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