2-bed, w/d, ren EIK in BEST flood zone. HURRY!!! Won't last!!

By Teri Karush Rogers | August 29, 2011 - 8:16AM

Poor Battery Park City.  As if land leases and close proximity to a known terrorist target weren't hard enough on property values, the city's mandatory evacuation order this weekend outed BPC to the ENTIRE WORLD as one of the worst places in Manhattan to live in the event of a hurricane.

At the very least, a short-term-memory-span-worth of cooled interest among buyers (and possibly renters) seems unavoidable.

Meanwhile, apartment owners on higher ground (the areas in white on this map being the most desirable) have acquired some unexpected bragging rights.

Will sellers attempt to capitalize on this new marketing opportunity? How much more will buyers pay for dry basement storage units and the privilege of hiding from a hurricane in their own interior rooms instead of evacuating to higher ground? Will flood zones ever matter more than an in-unit washer/dryer? Stay tuned....

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2-bed, w/d, ren EIK in BEST flood zone. HURRY!!! Won't last!!


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