The StreetEasy Hot Dozen: 12 rentals that may or may not be available by the time you read this

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A Lincoln Square rental that's lingered on StreetEasy for 52 days has jumped into the Hot Dozen this week. The price is steep for a two-bedroom ($7,495/month) but the apartment (albeit cluttered at the moment) is worth a look, if only to dream about how much more productive and cheerful your life would be if it played out beneath 10-foot ceilings. 

While this week's batch has a somewhat pricey tilt, it does include some moderate options like this $1,695/month E. Village 1-bedroom that will be delivered in spiffed-up condition.

Click around, and if the apartment you like requires a guarantor that you don't have, check the listing (or ask) to see if the landlord accepts Insurent, a great solution from one of BrickUnderground's sponsors.