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How much notice is required for a rent increase?

By Teri Karush Rogers | August 1, 2011 - 1:05PM 

Over on the Brownstoner forum, a month-to-month renter is facing a steep rent increase ($325 on a $2,025/month Ft. Greene one-bedroom) and the landlord has given her less than a week to decide.  If she doesn't sign a lease at the higher rate, she'll need to find a new place by Sept. 1st.

"Are there any regulations regarding the amount of notice that should be given before a rent increase?" she wants to know.  "We've had less than a week to decide whether we can afford the $325 hike."

Good question.

BrickUnderground's Rent Coach Mike Akerly confirms the Brownstoner consensus that in this situation--a month-to-month rental of a market-rate apartment--the landlord is within her rights.

Here's the deal:

  • Month-to-month lease: The landlord can raise the rent with the consent of the tenant.  If they tenant doesn’t consent, then the landlord can provide a written notice of termination and the lease will expire thirty days thereafter
  • Rent-stabilized lease: landlords must send a renewal between 90 – 150 days before the termination date of the lease.  The tenant must accept within 60 days or the landlord can refuse to renew.  Any increase will be determined by the Rent Guidelines Board.
  • Market-rate lease: The lease itself dictates the renewal terms including how far in advance notice of rent increase must be given. 

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