Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: A neighbor who wants to sell...a secret room...

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Here's what seven New Yorkers would change about their apartments if they could....

  • Have an open kitchen with lots of counter space, and the ability to watch TV and talk to friends and family while I cook! – Michelle, Upper East Side
  • My neighbor who won’t sell! – Gina, Upper East Side
  • Add a secret revolving door attached my wall-sized bookshelf. This way I don’t have to lock myself in the bathroom when I want to read the New York Times Real Estate section – Limor, Upper East Side
  • It'd be MINE!  Wish I could afford it! – Melinda, Upper West Side
  • The magical addition of an extra closet! – Rachel, Upper East Side
  • My view. I have outstanding views of my neighbors (a number of folks working at home, cooking weird things in their kitchens and one who watches TV naked through sheer curtains) but I wish I had some sunshine for more than the half an hour between 11:00am and 12:00pm. I'd give up the nude scenes for that!! – Sara, Upper West Side
  • I would be 10 floors higher- Lani, Upper East Side

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