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How to buy an apartment in a building where nothing's for sale

By Margot Slade  | April 12, 2011 - 8:31AM

Real estalkers intent on making a home in a building where nothing is for sale may want to tune in to this self-help advice on 

"Talking to the doorman is the best idea," explains one commenter. "You will have to give some 'incentive.' He may know people who are considering and can forward your info."

But don't stop at the front door:

  • Send current owners a form letter, though one commenter suggested that a handwritten note would have a greater effect. 
  • Contact the listing agent for any apartments that were taken off the market in the recent past. De-listed units may still be available, especially if the owners pulled it off the market because of lack of interest.
  • Ask the board president.
  • Contact agents most active in the building (look on
  • Talk to the building's managing agent.

A final, crafty suggestion that got our attention: "Find the line you like, look up the owners' names in ACRIS and send them all a personalized hand-written card. If that doesn't pique any interest, you're out of luck."


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