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Cool Stuff: See-through wallpaper that's funky, affordable and scrubbable

By Alana Mayman  | April 29, 2011 - 1:00PM

Okay, this is not your grandmother's wallpaper, so forget all those fussy designs and 'don't touch the walls' admonitions.

For a big or small space, as part of a wall or an entire apartment, as a 24x24 inch square or full panel (24 or 48 inches x the height of the wall), these chic and modern wall coverings by elevate graphic images and everyday objects like silverware, fruit, buttons or even costume jewelry pictured here to high art at accessible prices of around $10 per square foot.  

BrettSquares can be ordered sheer to let your paint color or surface of choice (be it sheetrock, glass, wood, etc.) customize the look. (Think of it as makeup for your wall.)  And you can choose between self-stick, to avoid the inevitable contractor hassles, or traditional.

Possibly coolest of all: Made from the same material as car decals, BrettSquares are scrubbable and can withstand heavy water, steam, toddlers, teenagers, and husbands with poor aim in the powder room.

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