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Then & Now: I can't use my 43rd floor terrace--but my closets are amazing

By P.  | April 1, 2011 - 2:37PM

Two years ago I rented my two-bedroom, two-bath 1,500 square foot apartment near Columbus Circle for the view from the terrace. From the 43rd floor, I have panoramic views of the Hudson River, and I can see the Empire State Building and even the Statute of Liberty on a clear day.

I knew I’d love to watch the cruise ships coming in, as well as see the barges going up and down the river. I could also view the planes landing and taking off at Newark Airport. I was so excited by the large terrace that I planted flowers and bought a table that seats eight thinking that I would have terrific dinner parties.

Acquiring the terrace did not come without sacrifice: I hated how narrow the living room was because I had a baby grand piano. Because the apartment couldn’t house it, I had to sell it. I overcame the loss of the piano, since I must admit I rarely played it and figured the time would be better spent sitting outdoors anyway.

While I still love the view, what I didn’t realize when I rented the apartment is that my terrace isn't that usable because of the high winds coming off the Hudson. And because of the high winds, my plants wither away and I have to use "fake" plants to spruce up the area. Also, because of the winds, it’s rather difficult for me to dine on the terrace. So much for those moonlit soirees in open air.

What I’ve come to like even more than the view--enough to renew my lease--is the six huge closets my apartment has. Being a woman, this is far more valuable space than the outdoor area that cannot be used to house clothes and shoes. 

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