We just closed on our apartment. Now what?

We just closed on our apartment. Now what?

By Margot Slade  | March 15, 2011 - 12:40PM
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It's normal to feel a little discombobulated when you get up from the closing table.  Over on Brownstoner.com, one buyer wants some logistical tips about what to do next besides cleaning up the place and changing the locks. Some suggestions include: 

  • Measure furniture to ensure it will fit, especially when paying movers by the hour. [Ed's note: If it won't fit through the front door or inside the elevator, you might want to arrange for a professional to dissect and reassemble.]
  • Consider installing an alarm, since you're sleeping in a new, unfamiliar place.
  • Cover bare windows with cheap treatments. (Hey, anything is better than an old sheet.)
  • Paper the floors especially in high-traffic areas for movers.
  • Make sure you scheduled water/sewer service (an integral part of the closing), and transferred utilities. 
  • Set up all telecommunications (phone/cable/internet/TV) service. (One commenter notes that Cablevision won't install cable unless the televisions are already in place.)
  • Have paper towels, toilet paper and plastic cups along with cold bottled water on hand for moving day.
  • Change your driver's license and car registration.
  • Make a list of the closest grocery, pharmacy, hospital, vet for emergencies.
  • Update bank checks with the new address.

We would also add: Don't forget to tip the staff on the way into your new building (and possibly on the way out of your old one).  You might also want to arrange to have your moving truck stop overnight at a fumigation facility to eliminate the possibility of picking up bed bugs from a prior job or bringing them from your old place.  


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