"What is that?" my contractor said. I replied, "You are drowning my cat."

By A. Ready  | February 16, 2011 - 11:28AM

While very few renovation jobs are finished without at least a bit of hassle, some projects leave owners shuddering at the memory for years. On the New York Time's CityRoom blog, readers were asked to compare tales of renovation woe. Among the more unusual tales: "My contractor cemented my cat in the duct. … We had to jack hammer a portion of the slab to make the hole big enough for the cat to escape. Again the cat did not enjoy this. After we got through the slab, there was a gurgling sound as the metal of the duct was pushing on the cat's head. Did I mention that the ducts had filled with water, and that was why the move of the system? My contractor said, 'What is that?' I replied, 'You are drowning my cat.' Well, we got the cat out, soaking wet and at least a couple of lives short of nine."

Another recovering renovator recalls an electrical box for a chandelier installed with no apparent way to turn it on. The electrician's response? "[Y]ou didn’t say you wanted an on-off switch! You’ll have to turn it on at the breaker box [outside behind the house].”   Thanks.


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