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No-Fee Apartment of the Week: Modern downtown 2 bed/2 bath, $4,595

By A. Ready  | February 3, 2011 - 11:30AM

A 43-year-old single male apartment dweller posting on is looking to upgrade his abode, and at the same time add some mojo to his life. Currently renting a smallish one-bedroom for $3,200, he wants something "groovier," perhaps to own, if he can get over his ambivalence over buying.

Before giving up on renting, we suggest he try a no-fee apartment at Soho Court (East Houston and Elizabeth Street). At $4,595, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom is within his price parameters, and borders two of NYC's more exciting neighborhoods, the East Village and Noho/Soho.

The apartments have modern kitchens and baths and 9-foot ceilings. A fitness center is conveniently located adjacent to the laundry room, a concierge, and there is a garden for residents. To our StreetEasy poster, who is also looking to personalize his space, we will also add that renters in general are allowed to paint an apartment, as long as they are willing to return the walls to their original neutral color prior to moving.

No-Fee Apartment of the Week is writer A. Ready's weekly independent selection of a no-fee rental that she believes reflects good value given current market conditions. It is not an advertisement, nor is it paid for by any company/website mentioned.




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