Survey says NYC buyers and sellers each claim the upper hand

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We've talked a lot about our one-click Holiday Tipping Survey this month (801 responses and counting), so following an appreciative tip-of-the-hat toward today's article about it in the NY Daily News, we thought we'd talk about someone else's survey for a change.

As we reported a couple of weeks back, The Apple, Peeled recently launched a poll designed to measure sentiment among NYC buyers and sellers. The results are in, and sellers seem quite a bit more sanguine than buyers. Sixty-three percent of sellers believe their personal economic situation has improved over the last year, while only 43% of buyers concur. Perhaps most importantly, however, 54% of buyers believe apartment prices will decrease next year, while only 27% of sellers anticipate reductions. Elsewhere The Apple, Peeled notes the lack of high-quality, well-priced larger units. As there can be no sale without a buyer, the lack of decent inventory coupled with buyers' expectations of lower prices could lead to quite the sales stalemate.... (The Apple, Peeled; NY Daily News; previously)