What's the worst thing about NYC apartments?

By A. Ready  | November 22, 2010 - 1:49PM

According to one disgruntled apartment dweller on, the worst thing about certain NYC apartments is forced-air heating: "Forced heat is what drove us out of NYC. We had a newborn and he couldn't stand living in a 90 degree apartment. He cried for hours and hours. We couldn't find another apartment in our price range, so we moved."   Pffff, says another. "Try bedbugs. It almost ruined my life and my marriage. Nothing worse than seeing bites on your kids. Give me forced air anytime." Just don't give me your cigarette smoke, says a vertical dweller who nominates "chain smoking neighbors that make everything stink and the old stand by card-carrying mensa nyc mice" as the biggest menaces. Curiously, the extortionate price of NYC real estate failed to make the list... (


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