Meet my coffin--er, coffee table

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The Daily News' real estate section introduces a neighborhood-centric apartment-dweller-on-the-street featureScene & Heard. It kicked off Friday with photographer James Maher  dispatched to Bushwick, Brooklyn to profile passers-by about their real estate situations.  Our favorites: The ex-Park Slope furniture maker who uses a coffin for a coffee table, and the high school teacher who recently moved from another apartment in Bushwick:  "I guess I wasn't moving out fast enough. The management told somebody who was interested in the apartment that he could come and look in my front window, because I lived on the first floor, so I freaked out and called the cops, because I thought that I had a stalker." Roving photog Maher has shot NY1's Roger Clarkthe Daily News' Jason Sheftell, and writer Michael Gross for this very site; check out his NYC-themed photography, for sale online here, and pick one out as a holiday gift for your favorite urbanite.  (NY Daily News)