Keeping the chill at bay

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A top-floor corner apartment can really cool off during the winter due to exposure to the elements, and on ApartmentTherapy, a Brooklyn co-op dweller is looking for some simple warming suggestions.  Some of the ideas sound familiar: Heavy drapes, space heater, new windows, weatherstripping.  On the more novel side are these: 

  • "I've heard of putting bubble wrap over your windows during the colder would impede the view, but not the light coming in since it's clear."
  • "I have a pair of slippers from Eddie Bauer made out of down. Wearing them is like having my feet in sleeping bags. That plus a really warm knit hat really helped when I lived in cold apartments. And I kept a thermos of tea always going."
  • "A crock pot. Seems ridiculous, but those things sure do throw heat. Start it up in the morning, let it run during the day, and by dinner, you have a toasty apartment and food."

Any other suggestions?