Where to sell that vintage autopsy table

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An apartment dweller with a penchant for odd furniture is asking ApartmentTherapy readers for advice on where to unload a pre-mid-century autopsy table. "It is a beautiful showpiece, if you get over its original function," she assures. In addition to the obvious venues like eBay and craigslist, readers offer some more unusual possibilities:

  • Offer it to a local goth club for buffet night 
  • Convert it to a guest bed
  • Donate it to a local morgue
  • Try Obscura Antiques & Oddities on 280 E. 10th St. (212-505-9251): "They SPECIALIZE in such merchandise as you will see if you check out their website and actually recently sold a 19th century viewing table complete with holes for the ice."
  • Contact a theater/movie/tv props company: "There can't be that many pre-1950's autopsy tables around. Just think, the next time you see it could be in some random Dexter flashback..."