Drunk, angry cooks vying for control of the stove

By A. Ready  | November 23, 2010 - 1:09PM

Over on the NYT CityRoom blog, readers are comparing notes on their worst Thanksgiving ever: Incipient bipolar disorder, abusive relatives, calls to the priesthood, dentures and (lots of) food poisoning figure into the 187 comments so far.  Possibly because we're suckers for dysfunctional family comedy-dramas, we took a special liking to this comment: "A family made up of drunk, angry cooks vying for control of the stove creates the most fascinating Thanksgiving fights. But, for some reason, perhaps because we love each other, perhaps because we’re hungry, or perhaps because deep down we don’t really want to ruin the holiday, we have never harmed the food or let the fights escalate to the point where we forget to eat. Even though some of us may still be brooding, we still sit down for dinner. There is no salve to a bad wound like a good meal with family."  Well, except maybe a free million-dollar condo to dine in. (NYT CityRoom; CurbedNY)

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