Bed bugs at home? Don't tell your co-workers, future landlord...or your doctor.

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The plight of a man laid off for having bed bugs has prompted to examine the question of whether you should let your co-workers know that you have bedbugs at home. If you're employed in an "at-will" state like New York, this is apparently perfectly legal.  As far as we know, it's also okay for potential landlords to discriminate against bed bug survivors

But your doctor?

A commenter on BedBugger relays this alarming experience: "I have twice been refused medical treatment when I explained to the providers I had bed bugs. If medical providers refuse to treat patients with bed bugs, I can definitely see why people are not forthcoming about bed bugs where they work. My referral doctor’s office told me I should not have mentioned that I had bed bugs, and next time I will probably keep my mouth shut."  (

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