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Get yer rental concessions here!

By A. Ready  | October 22, 2010 - 2:03PM

Amid rumors about the imminent extinction of rental concessions, we would like to remind you that our friends at the no-fee apartment search site UrbanEdgeNY maintain a handy list of buildings currently offering concessions, like the one-to-three months free rent you can get right now at 20 Exchange Place in the Financial District (pictured). Also this week, The Apple,Peeled offers some strategic advice for those seeking a month or two off their rent: You're most likely to meet with success if you target one of the recently developed buildings.  The Apple,Peeled thinks that "one to two months’ free rent may well make it worthwhile to splurge" for these buildings that  "tend to be targeting the luxury market (meaning higher price-points altogether)." Just remember, though, that lease renewal is a mere 13-26 months away, and, from everything we hear, your concession has little likelihood of repeating itself. (UrbanEdgeNY; TheApple,Peeled)

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