The Market

OVERHEARD: The upside of a board turndown

By Teri Karush Rogers | October 19, 2010 - 5:25AM 

 "My sister has lived in a variety of rental and co-op apartments in Manhattan for 40 years," writes a commenter on StreetEasy. "Several months ago she and her husband submitted an accepted offer on a 2 bedroom co-op. They had no problem with the co-op board until they requested a meeting with their dog. So a second board meeting was scheduled. They were sitting there with the dog, chatting with the board members, when one of them leaned over to the dog and said 'Nice puppy.' The dog growled at the guy and the deal was over. My sister ended up being relieved when she found out about a massive gas leak in the building that would require extensive work, inconvenience (gas turned off for months) and expense for all shareholders." Good dog. Very, very good dog. (StreetEasy)

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