Wanted: Home for antisocial workaholics

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As we've advised before, take into consideration exactly who a building is marketing itself to before renting or buying a newer place, for that demographic (and those who aspire to it) will comprise a large portion of your new neighbors.  We've seen glossy brochures and websites target everyone from Young Wall Street Guy on the Make, to Double Private School & Three Blonde Kids with 'Mom' Who Has Clearly Never Given Birth, but we've never seen this:  "[The] ideal building to me is mostly workaholic professionals, super quiet, [and] nobody talks to each other hardly other than the 'hello smile' in the elevator," says a StreetEasy commenter looking for a place to rent or buy downtown that isn't (a) a post-college dorm or (b) crawling with even younger children.  Now that's a marketing campaign we'd like to see. (