Forest Hills could be the new UWS; teen-friendlier FiDi, and more!

By A. Ready  | September 21, 2010 - 11:29AM
streetnoise for redesign.png

A daily tour around the web through the eyes of a NYC vertical dweller:

  • Is there a new vertical dwelling being constructed near you?  Curbed reports that “[t]he city has announced the finalists of Urbancanvas…building owners who sign up for the urbancanvas pilot program will have the option to use one of the four winning designs on their property.”  Take a look at how your neighbor may look in the near future.  (Curbed)
  • Over on UrbanBaby the posters are discussing the pros and cons of living in Forest Hills.  A few are claiming it’s expensive, so we did a quick search for a two bedroom in Forest Hills Gardens.  Not bad!  (UrbanBaby, StreetEasy)
  • Downtown is crawling with children these days.  With school spots so dear, families are celebrating the opening of the new Claremont Prep middle and upper-school facility.  What do the kids think about it?  “[S]o far, the feature that has most impressed Claremont’s middle and high school students is that they no longer have to rub elbows with Claremont’s preschool and elementary children, as they did when they shared a building at 41 Broad St.”  Rugrats begone!  (DNAinfo)
  • Have landlords discontinued the rental concessions prematurely?  Maybe.  The Real Deal writes, “[b]rokers warn that the traditionally slow fall season could be worsened if landlords pull back concessions too soon, which could ultimately force them to cut rents as well.  (TRD)
  • The new must-have—the bedbug beagle.   Bergdorf is among the latest fashion-forward retailer when it comes to harboring a pup “trained to find bedbugs via similar techniques for finding drugs or dangerous bombs.”  (Gothamist)
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