Harlem should celebrate downturn, help for Queens tornado victims, and more

By A. Ready  | September 18, 2010 - 11:29AM
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  • You’ve moved in, you have bedbugs, and you realize your landlord failed to tell you the building had a problem.  What to do?  File a complaint!  (Bedbugger)
  • Should we be holding a post-mortem for the Harlem market?  Jason Sheftell at the Daily News doesn’t think so.  “The calm after the storm has left a neighborhood that can embrace real estate change rather than fear it.”  (NYDN, Curbed)
  • A strange tale gets even stranger!  A few weeks after an art broker lost a painting during a night of excessive drinking, a doorman delivers it to the police.  According to the New York Post, “The million-dollar painting that mysteriously vanished six weeks ago, was displayed for part of the time on the bathroom wall of a Fifth Avenue doorman -- who told cops he found it in bushes outside the building where he works.” (NYP)
  • Who does your broker really represent?  Coopandcondo takes a look at the revised agency disclosure law.  Not surprisingly, he finds, “It’s Complicated.”  (coopandcondo)
  • FYI - if you know someone who still doesn’t have power in Queens, Con Edison will distribute dry ice at three locations in Queens today to help customers who lost power due to the tornadoes that struck Thursday. (NYC.gov)
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