B'Burg takes Manhattan; NYT loses sleep over $50k mattress, and more!

By A. Ready  | September 25, 2010 - 11:46AM
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Weekend Edition! A daily tour around the web through the eyes of a NYC vertical dweller:

  • We knew B’burg was hot.  But not this hot.  Jason Sheftell at the New York Daily News writes: “For style, culture, food, music and livability, Williamsburg might be the best neighborhood in the United States, surpassing the East Village, West Village and Silver Lake in Los Angeles as the place to build a young, creative life.”  Maybe it’s time for another visit.  (NYDN)
  • There’s a new bed company in town, Savoir Beds, and they’re offering a mattress for the princely sum of $50,000. The New York Times reporter who took it for a test-sleep prefers its $20k downmarket sibling--but fortunately for Savoir, the NYT is not the paper of record in London, where Harrod's sells two a month. "It’s a true luxury product,” a Savoir rep explains. “Priced on two things: labor and what goes into it — more fabric, more horsehair, more springs, more cashmere. It’s something you have to experience.”  We're still waiting for the $10,000 cashmere mattress encasements to keep bed bugs out.  (NYT)
  • Finding a decent rental apartment in NYC is not for the meek.  The New York Observer reports “[w]ith an ebay-like system for rating brokers and a proprietary algorithm to streamline your search, Nakedapartments.com is on a simple, though as-yet incomplete, quest: making your apartment search easier.”  We’re all in favor of an alternative to Craigslist.  (NYO)
  • The bedbug national summit has ended.  And Yahoo tells us the good news. "Mark my words: In the next 10 years, a silver bullet will be found," says [summit] organizer Phillip Cooper. "Somebody will figure out how to deal with bedbugs, and after that, it will be just another pest, like roaches or yellow jackets."  Hopefully it will be on the lesser side of ten years.  (Yahoo)
  • Want to buy something interesting for your apartment and do some good at the same time?  In October Macy’s will debut their “Heart of Haiti” initiative, to benefit earthquake survivors. “More than 200 artisans have already returned to work, funneling funds from the retailer into the cost of producing their home accessories.”  (Curbed)
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